How it works

Insightcentr is a powerful, cloud-based analytics platform. We take millions of activity samples and crunch them into a simple and easy to use dataset. Try it for yourself.


just 3 easy steps


Install the app

Install our lightweight application on the PCs across your team.


Our ActivityEngine summarises millions of records into the reporting database.


Connect to your data and open up incredible detail on application usage.


frequently asked questions

What's your pricing? 

Our pricing starts at $5 per agent per month. For organisations with greater than 1,000 agents we offer volume-based discounts.  

Do you support Mac and pc?

At this stage we support PCs only - Windows 7 or higher. A version of our agent for Mac is not too far away so please let us know if that would be handy.

How do we deploy the agent? 

We have a number of options for deployment - all designed to support an large or small enterprise IT environment with the typical options required for remote and scripted deployment. 

Can we mashup our own data for more effective reporting?

In short, yes. It's easy. Use Microsoft Power BI to access your data feed from Insightcentr and from there upload and reference your organisational data like locations, cost centres, hierarchies etc.

How does the agent send data?

Data is sent from the agent securely over HTTPs to the Insightcentr ActivityEngine. When a network connection is not available or unreliable, the agent caches records locally and will send them in a bulk when a connection is restored. Given the use of HTTPs, we find most company firewalls are already configured to support Insightcentr.


The agent was designed with strict performance goals in mind, with over 12 months R&D invested to get it just right. We use around 14MB of disk once installed. When running, CPU overhead is less than 1% (during sampling) and less than 20MB of memory consumed while running.

What options are availAble for enterprise deployment?

Our agent can be installed silently, both in deployment and in operation. With our silent deployment method we can get 1,000 seat customers up and running in a day.

Do you provide Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is free and available for download and installation here. We provide a pre-built content pack with pages of different visualizations ready for use with your data.