Take weeks out of your Windows roll out project

Windows SOE roll outs are the perfect time to take stock of all the apps being used in your business. There’s all kinds of benefits to this exercise – you can reconcile the software budget, optimise which apps form the ‘core’ of the SOE and ensure that your IT department has the best understanding of which tools people are using to perform their jobs. This step is also critical in any SOE project as it defines which apps get packaged or decommissioned, which is a large influence on project cost and time.

But historically this assessment has been very difficult to perform. There are many tools which can give you an inventory of all the applications installed, but the trouble is exactly that – ALL the applications installed. This can literally run into tens of thousands of apps across a large fleet. And what about all the cloud-based apps that live in a browser? Even when you’ve extracted the ‘big list of apps’, you then need to work out which of them are actively used, and how often, which can take weeks to reconcile.

In our past lives, we experienced this ourselves. Typically, we’d start by trawling through SCCM inventories and proxy logs to make the list. Then filter the list in Excel by install or hit count to create a rough order of priority. Then finally interview and survey people to determine usage level and business criticality. But this is not an exact science as it relies on an individual’s judgement, and is often based on perception, not fact.

So, we took a look at the real problem here, and created Insightcentr.

Want to know how often apps are used?

Insightcentr takes a different approach and measures software usage – installed or cloud-based – over time. Instead of listing all the apps present on a system, we only measure the apps being used, so most of the ‘noise’ drops away immediately. Take Adobe Photoshop and Salesforce.com for example, even though one is installed and the other lives in a browser we can tell you exactly who uses these apps, and how often – in the ‘one pane of glass’. Our software is even smart enough to understand active usage (creating/writing a document) vs. inactive usage (reading/reviewing). And, being cloud-based, within 15 minutes of installing your first agent you’ll see your usage data flowing with no infrastructure required.

If you’re looking to roll out Windows 10, or a new SOE in 2017 we can save you a serious amount of time and effort, whilst simultaneously improving the outcome of your project. Contact us below and we’ll show you more.