Australian startup launches Insightcentr to help businesses save on software costs

Melbourne, Australia – October 13, 2016 – Australian software provider Devicedesk today revealed a new product, Insightcentr, marking its entry into the IoT and analytics market. Insightcentr is a SaaS solution that helps businesses understand software utilisation and workforce productivity by providing time-oriented reporting into web or desktop software usage. The software has been developed in partnership with Microsoft and leverages Microsoft Power BI for analytics and reporting.

Devicedesk founder Anthony Stevens, said: “Insightcentr has solved a major challenge for businesses with its ability to easily report on the usage metrics of both web and desktop applications. Insightcentr provides analytics as to when, and to what extent, your workforce is using software, helping businesses optimise software licensing costs and support process re-engineering efforts.”

Insightcentr works through the use of a lightweight agent that runs on Microsoft Windows.  The power of big-data, IoT and hyper-scale computing create the modern day equivalent of a digital time-and-motion study. Data can be accessed and aggregated on an anonymous basis to ensure privacy is maintained.

Co-founder and CTO, Greg Rudakov led the R&D effort for Insightcentr leveraging Microsoft’s Azure platform. “We’ve taken IoT concepts and applied them in a real-word business application, to the delight of one of our trial customers who proclaimed “…finally an IoT application that does more than switch on a lightbulb!”” says Mr. Rudakov.

Insightcentr provides usage analytics for any software including the likes of, DocuSign, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP or Microsoft Office365. Data is then available for structured or ad-hoc reporting through Microsoft Power BI alongside any other corporate data.

The innovation behind Insightcentr was inspired through years of experience, with Rudakov and Stevens holding senior IT, commercial and innovation roles across the professional services and financial sectors.