Your privacy is really important, and it's important to us that you have control over what data ends up in our system. There are a number of controls that are available to you to manage the activities that are logged as follows. 

Web site whitelisting

A Whitelist is a list of websites that you want Insightcentr to pay attention to. If your users visit any web site that is NOT on that list, your activity related to that site will not be will not be used for reporting.

There are two reasons why you may want to create a Whitelist. The first reason relates to privacy. Quite simply, some businesses don't want all of their web browsing data being sent to Insightcentr which is fine. If you really only care about how you use a few different web sites, Whitelists are a great option.

Secondly, from our experience, the use of a Whitelist may help reduce 'noise' given that the average user is likely to access in excess of 50 or more web sites or desktop applciations per day. 

How does the Whitelist work?

If you have a whitelist enabled, Insightcentr will look for any match to the url in your browser's address bar. For example, if you added "" to your Whitelist, Insightcentr would send data for "" AND "". If you added "" to your Whitelist, it would send data for "" but not "". Because many websites can use different 3rd level domains from time to time, we recommend not using the "www" unless you're sure that's what you want to do.

Here is an example of a Whitelist


Window title capture

Insightcentr provides the opportunity to capture what we refer to as the document title. The document title is used across all windows (modal or otherwise) in your system and is typically defined by the software vendor and as such can vary considerably in form and content. In some cases, the document title reflects the name of the application as well as the specific document that's been opened. For example, "Microsoft Word - My Resume" would be an example of a document title. Likewise, the document title of the page you are reading now would be "Data Privacy - Insightcentr".

Turning on/off the document title setting can be done under the Administration / Settings as shown below.