Measure usage of web and desktop software over time. Save buckets in licensing costs and maximize the return on investment in software. #StopGuessing.


Top Activities Today

Hours spent across your team, performing each activity today.

What software do you actually use?

With software applications being delivered in many different ways—as apps, online or installed on PCs—it’s nearly impossible to understand whether you are getting value from your investments.

Understand who the ‘power users’ are and leverage them as product champions and save money by addressing under-utilised software.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do we deploy the agent? 

We have a number of options for deployment - all designed to support an large or small enterprise IT environment with the typical options required for remote and scripted deployment. 

Do you support Mac and pc?

At this stage we support PCs only - Windows 7 or higher. A version of our agent for Mac is not too far away so please let us know if that would be handy.

What's your pricing? 

Our pricing starts at $5 per agent per month. For organisations with greater than 1,000 agents we offer volume-based discounts.  

Can we mashup our own data for more effective reporting?

In short, yes. It's easy. Use Microsoft Power BI to access your data feed from Insightcentr and from there upload and reference your organisational data like locations, cost centres, hierarchies etc.


Try Insightcentr for your team


Put away the clipboards, user surveys and stop guessing. 

Insightcentr provides analytics as to when, and to what extent, your workforce is using software. It helps you optimize software licensing costs and support process re-engineering efforts.


Get the data with 3 simple steps

  1. Download the Insightcentr agent
  2. Deploy it across your team
  3. Analyze your data with Microsoft Power BI
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