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Businesses are using limited amounts of trusted information to support decisions that impact costs from technology changes through to productivity improvements.  Mountains of existing data from multiple sources are analysed, extrapolated and opinionated, but lack several key ingredients to generate useful information. The result is simply more Big Data.  Scarce resources of time and money have been consumed and for the most part only to confirm what was known at the start… “We don’t know.”

Insightcentr is a cloud-based platform that unlocks amazing insights from usage data to deliver lower costs faster. 

The result of a two-year development effort and thousands of experiments is a product that is truly unique.  Using a range of disciplines including time-series analysis, advanced mathematics, IT operations theory, combined with the power of hyper-scale computing, we have created a solution to make sense of high-cadence data.

It is an effective fact filled package that gives insight into how your organisation engages with software, but delivers tremendously more than you could have imagined.   It is usage from the perspective of the users, which is the value point where active time and functionality meet to provide information that drives action.  Insights are delivered in real time to reduce costs with increased certainty because we take millions of activity data points from users and process into an easy to understand information set.  Those leaps of faith that have historically been taken are now a thing of the past.


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unlimited insights

The power of analytics dissects & reports on usage in ways previously unavailable, providing a business with information to lower costs and improve productivity from multiple angles.

Insightcentr delivers information previously unavailable at a price point that will make you smile and an implementation effort that will make you laugh.  It will quickly become a trusted source of fact to lower costs with confidence.  The benefits can be seen in multiple functional areas impacting technology, productivity, collaboration and more.  

Each day our customers find new insights & opportunities to improve their business.


time is the essence


it's the special ingredient


always current

Continuous data collection means decisions are supported by information so current that the insights are relevant today and every day.

What makes insightcentr different and allows us to deliver impact quickly and cost effectively is the seamless capturing of data in real time.  It is the time dimension and granularity that gives the information context and enables the business to work with facts the first time... every time.  When these facts are presented in an easy to absorb form the insights crystallise decisions and drive actions sooner.

Factual decision making is not as common as one might think.  To demonstrate how easy it is to rely on intuition rather the facts let's take a look at the classic "Bat and ball" problem.


A bat and a ball together cost $1.10. The bat cost $1.00 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

It's likely intuition gave the answer that the ball cost $0.10.  However, by doing the math, which is the more challenging process of assessing the facts, the correct answer is calculated to be $0.05.   If the ball cost $0.10 and the bat cost $1.00 more, then the cost would be $1.20. The intuitive decision process is common in business because of the limited time and budget to collect and confirm the facts.   Don't feel bad if you didn't get this question right, neither did 50% of the Harvard and Yale students that were asked.


unseen answers 

We give life to previously unavailable data & answer questions that couldn't be answered before.   Insights so compelling it becomes a call to action.

In a business context intuitive thinking is frequently applied to three questions commonly asked of investments. 

1.     How much are we using it?

2.    Are we using it for the intended purpose?

3.    Are we getting the benefits?

The answer is almost always the same -- “We think so?”  

Insightcentr can answer these questions and many more because we provide facts which are contextualised with reference to a point in time. Fundamentally, it is everything you need right there in front of you.


simple... It's how it works


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push our powerful featherweight application to PCs across the business in less than an hour.  


we crunch it

usage data is pushed to the Cloud where our ActivityEngine processes millions of records into an enterprise database


feel the moment 

experience the impact of information that lowers cost, improves productivity, moves projects ahead faster, drives better decisions and is all based on indisputable facts.

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secure & scaled

We host everything on Microsoft Azure to deliver a secure enterprise solution with 256 bit encryption and all the operational benefits Azure has to offer.


know what you don't know


get the facts before your next leap of faith